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SpideOak is a cloud solution working in the same way we see in the market: you can use it in the desktop, Android, IOS, Windows, Linux etc. What is relevant in SpideOak? Some important features. Look.



  • SpideOak system never has any knowledge about our data. It is very known that available cloud services have serious problems about privacy. But in SpideOak every piece of data is encrypted. So, SpideOak managers know nothing about what we send to our cloud. The files (images, sounds, docs, everything) are encrypted localy, before to leave the "source". Data arrives in SpideOak cloud encrypted.
  • The price is not expansive. Only $12 a month for 1 TB. There are other plans, but there is a free plan too! We have 2 GB for free. 
  • Very easy. It is possible to share files, folders or  whatever you want with anyone. We see what is in each device - the SpideOak cloud gives us information about where each data.
  • Many choices. We can choice what to send to the cloud: specific folders or  file type. 
  • Historical version. This is great. If we want a file, but in a specific version maybe 4 months ago, we can have it!! 


If you want to try, see the links below.


SpideOak site