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Some days ago, I was writing about a very funny game, Civilization Revolution 2 (I will send an article to MyMobLife about this game too). Then, I faced a problem: how could I change an image to put into the article? I was using my Chromebook. I needed to use an online tool. There are good choices in the market. Here we will see the one I think is the best: Pixlr.

Indeed, Pixlr is two solutions, not one. When you access the link www.pixlr.com, you see these two options: Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express.



Pixlr Editor

If we click on Pixlr Editor, we will see an interface similar to Photoshop. Some tools very known are there: layers, history, the toolboxes. A very useful characteristic of Pixlr Editor are the many options inside the each tool. For instance, using the brush you can choose the size, the opacity, and others items.



We can use filters too. At the top of the window, we can see the menu. Of course, the basic tools are in Pixlr Editor.



Pixlr Express

Maybe you need something more simple. You don't have to make a new Monalisa. If you need basic edition, the Pixlr Express is your choice.




The interface is very simple. Here, we have only the basic. But, if you need the basic, this is the place. But make no mistake: 'basic', here, don't means 'weak'. See the initial interface. And below, the interface after we click on the first button.







Yes - even in the simplest interface, Pixlr give us a powerful image editor. The better: online and free!