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You have just bought your Android Phone. Now, how can you take the best from it? Let's see some steps to help you with your Android device.

The Best Applications

Of course, the first thing you have in mind is 'install applications'. See some apps that make your mobile life even better.




Believe me: before anything, install this app. Most actions on your mobile device needs some information from the virtual keyboard. The default Android keyboard is poor. Swiftkey application is the best keyboard on Android. Autocorrection, many themes with colors and formats of key, typing sliding from letter to letter: some Swiftkey features. Swiftkey learns from your styling. Each sentence that you write helps Swifkey to improve the quality of all its actions. If you write in more than one language, there is no problem. Swiftkey can lead with up to three languages. Oh, and the better: it's free!






This app is very, very useful. It connects our devices. We see the activity from one device on another. Pushbullet works across many platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Firefox, Safari, Opera. With Pushbullet, we can write and receive SMS on the computer. While in computer, we can see calls and WhatsApp messages. A last amazing feature: we can easily share links and files between our devices.





Moon+ Reader



Powerful ebook reader. Moon+ Reader supports local and online books. It reads the formats epub, pdf, mobi, chm, txt, html, and some others. Animations of pages, formatting options of letters, spacing, colors and so forth. Of course, it has many themes.






Take notes is another very common task you will again and again. Choose Colornote, the best and simpler app to notes. It has two relevant characteristics: thanks to coloring aproach, you have your notes effortlessly organized; your notes are synchronized in the cloud. Where you go, don't' worry about which device would you look for notes. Use it in many devices, with the notes synchronized in the cloud.






There are many, many folder/files manager. But Androzip is one of the best. You can organize files and folders, accessing them with many options for action.









With a app launcher, your device will look like another machine. There are a crazy enormously number of launcher. I prefer The Next 3D. However, 'the best launcher' depends totally on your mind. So, test some of them and you can choose the best launcher for yourself.