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Cardboard Camera

We can watch virtual reality material spending almost no money is possible since a while. Thanks to Google Cardboard. But, if only we could create our VR too... Now it's possible! Let's know Cardboard Camera, by Google.

Some days ago Google gave us a great gift: the app Cardboard Camera. Where is the greatness of this app? Cardboard Camera almost does what its name sounds. This app turns your Android device into a virtual reality camera. Using your smartphone you can take photos in 360º, a panorama. But the sounds can go together! Yeah, we can immerse in the picture.

This app is a big opportunity for users. Why? One of the biggest problems for virtual reality becomes a very popular entertainment environment is the enormous amount of money in buying specific devices. But with Cardboard Camera, Google intends that the virtual reality becomes popular to the big audience.

But we can ask: how to see virtual reality? Well, we can use the Cardboard, offered by Google too. And very cheap, as the app. If you are interested, click the link below and install the app. Free of charge.

Cardboard Camera