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Compressed Files

One of the most useful ideas for computers was the ompressed files. Now, we need to deal with zip, gzip, , tar, rar files on our mobile devices. How can we do it? Let's see how to open and create compressed files.

In Android devices, we can use zip files without any pain. We only need to install one of many applications that deal with compressed files. See below two of them.


ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer

To open a compressed file, we navigate to its folder and click the file. So we will see a dialog box asking about the app to open the file. By choosing ES Zip Viewer, a window will be opened. The window shows the files inside the compressed file. You must touch and hold the files that you want to unzip. After you have selected the wanted files, click the check button in the upper-right corner. It's done. You follow the steps that the application indicates and your files will be uncompressed.


Androzip File ManagerAndrozip

This app is my preferred. Androzip works with many types of files - zip, rar, tar, gzip, bzip and many others. Androzip is beyond compressed files. It's a complete file manager. It's very intuitive. You just click on a file and the options will be shown. You choose what you want to do. And will be done. Simple, practical and fast. Hard to be better.