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Do you need to record the calls in your phone but forget almost every time? Then you can use Call Recorder. This app records your calls automatically.

Using Call Recorder is pretty straightforward. Available for IPhone and IPad, when you need to make a call, use the app instead of the standard phone's dialer. This way, your call will be recorded automatically. About the received calls, don't worry. Call Recorder records the call automatically too.

Out of calls, you can access the recorded conversations at any moment. If you want to hear a conversation, send it to your email, or save any of them in the cloud... do it.

How expensive? For incoming calls, it's free. Unfortunately, outgoing calls require credits. When you start to use the app, you receive one free recording outgoing call. One good news: you can receive credits inside the app in an ease way: watching videos.

If you want to test, go to Call Recorder page.