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If you have a Chromebook, where is the CAPS LOCK key? And the interrogation "?"? And the "Delete" button? Let's see how you can have the same results using your Chromebook.



Probably, your Chromebook doesn't have a CAPS LOCK button. Instead, you have a SEARCH button. But you can turn SEARCH in CAPS LOCK momentaneously. Hit Alt + SEARCH  and your "CAPS LOCK" is on. To turn off CAPS LOCK, tap Shift or Alt+SEARCH  again. Both have the same result. 



This one is extremely easy. Indeed, you can use the same button combination you already can use in other keyboards. Hit Alt+w. It is enough. You will have the "?" symbol.



The same of CAPS LOCK. You must to hit Alt+Backspace. It's done.You DELETE key is back.