Google Event

The day is here. Many news from Google. People waiting for are very exciting, ham? Here some of the things you are waiting so much.


  • Pixel C:    hybrid, tablet and notebook. It runs Android. The keyboard is free to go way from the screen (tablet). The tablet and the keyboard are sold separately. Four microphones built in. Screen is 2560×1800, 10.2 inc. It has an Nvideo Tegra X1 GPU, 3GB of RAM and stereo. speakers. 
  • Chromecast Audio:    Audio device, it works like Chromecast: when in your net, share audio with devices.
  • Chromecast 2:    New version of Chromecast; $35. Some nice features for games. For instance, it's possible to cast a game to the screen, whilst using the phone as a controller. The apps can 'predict' what you will do: like clicking Youtube icon in your smartphone and Chromecast detects and load it in the background - no more time.
  • New Nexus.
  • and so on...