Frequently Asked Questions

What is Men of Business?

Men of Business is a group of motivated leaders and entrepreneurs that want to become a leader in their local business communities.  Our MOB Bosses meet CEOs, CFO's, Managers, Sales Managers, and VP's of local companies by creating group roundtable or engaging in 1 on 1 coaching. All coaching materials are provided to you as a part of your $49.00 monthly licensing fee.   

Why is there not an upfront fee?

The big names in business coaching franchises have priced themselves out of the market.  There are literally millions of men that have experiences in life and business that can not be taught in a classroom. We want to not only hear your stories - but we want to take your stories and lessons to the masse along with paying you to share your experiences with others.  

How do I create revenue?

There are 3 ways MOB Bosses earn income. The 1st is creating a local monthly MOB Life Round table.  The 2nd opportunity is to provide 1 on 1 coaching using our proprietary MOB curriculum to your clients. The final way is to share your business wins or losses with Men of Business.  We will take your shared life lesson if applicable and turn it into a coaching topic for all of the other MOB Bosses in which you receive compensation from all other MOB Bosses monthly fees .